Each use

Remove your reed after playing and use a cap to protect the mouthpiece.

Swab your instrument and wipe moisture from the tenons (the parts that join when you assemble your instrument).


Clean your mouthpiece with lukewarm, soapy water. NOT hot water.

Put cork grease on all the tenon corks of a clarinet and the neck cork of a saxophone (but not on the neck tenon of a saxophone).


• Don’t fiddle with adjustment screws, this is a job for a technician.

• Hold the instrument carefully when assembling so as not to bend keys.

Tips for specific woodwind instrument care

Clarinets and Oboes

Never force joints together, apply some cork grease. If you still have trouble, see a technician.


Never leave a swab inside the flute when it’s stored.

Never use cork grease on the joints.

When wiping down fingerprints after use, take care not to rub the edges of pads.


Remove the mouthpiece from the neck (when on a stand).

Use the body end plug (when you place in a case).

Never force a mouthpiece when fitting; use cork grease.

Never use cork grease for fitting the neck to the instrument, the neck should be dry and free of dust and fit snugly without force.