WindCraft’s workshop is capable of the most highly refined adjustments and modifications of brass and woodwind instruments, yet sometimes all you need is to change the cork of your saxophone neck or the water key spring of a trombone. We are happy to do these small jobs too (and most of them can be done while you wait). In fact, maintaining your instrument is something we value at WindCraft as it will benefit the life of the instrument in the long run (see the Instrument Care page for some tips).


Just like with your car, instruments need to be serviced regularly. The frequency depends on the age of the instrument, how often it’s played and how well you look after it. Generally, a brass or woodwind instrument should be serviced once every 12–24 months.

A service includes:

  • full disassembly of the instrument
  • cleaning of all parts (chemically or ultrasonically where appropriate)
  • replacement of worn and/or missing parts (up to a limit)
  • performing minor repairs like removing small dents, aligning key work, minor solder work, etc.
  • assembly and lubrication of the instrument
  • play-test to check operation.

We always recommend bringing your mouthpiece (and reeds) when you collect your instrument to play-test it yourself so we can make small personal adjustments as necessary.

Our brass or woodwind service comes with a 3-month warranty.


Repairs are usually necessary after accidental damage or long periods of neglect. Typical repairs can range from a single bent key to major dents or a snapped off tenon. Our workshop is fully equipped to deal with most repairs and we can give you a quote before starting any work. Sometimes the damage can be so extensive that the cost of repair will be higher than the value of the instrument. In that case, it might be better to invest your money in an upgrade and we can advise on a suitable new or second-hand instrument. We will always give you our best professional advice and help you weigh up the options.

All repair work is charged by the hour.


Is that thumb rest not quite comfortable and would you like it moved or replaced? Would you like a water key added to your instrument? Or do you have ideas about improvements or major changes to your instrument?

We are experienced in doing major modifications and are happy to discuss any changes you would like to make to improve the ergonomics or playability of your instrument. The sky’s the limit!


At WindCraft, we would prefer to give an accurate price so that all parties are happy. That’s why we prefer an in-person consultation and evaluation of your instrument. Sometimes it’s only a small adjustment that’s required to put your instrument in shape, saving you money. Sometimes we may pick up something that you haven’t seen that is also needing attention. It’s difficult to tell unless you bring the instrument in for assessment.

We understand that it might be inconvenient or not possible for you to come to our workshop for a quote. In some cases, we can give you a quote based on photos. Please email your query and photos to [email protected]