Yamaha YCL250  –  From $525 (Temporarily unavailable)

  • Fully serviced with 6 months warranty
  • All synthetic pads and tough nickel plated keys
  • A proven, affordable student instrument

Yamaha YCL255  –  $575 

  • Fully serviced and with 6 months warranty
  • Made of durable ABS with synthetic pads
  • Adjustable thumb rest with a strap ring

Buffet Crampon B12  –  $575

  • Fully serviced with 6 months warranty
  • All new pads
  • Silver plated keys and a tone close to wood
  • Student clarinet from one of the top manufacturers of clarinets

Jupiter JCL-700N – $495  (Temporarily unavailable)

  • Ergonomically designed with the student in mind
  • Strong ABS body
  • Adjustable thumb rest


Buffet Crampon E11 – $1195 

  • German made intermediate Grenadilla clarinet
  • Fully serviced
  • Comes with a lightweight ergonomic backpack case fitted with extra side pockets


Buffet Crampon R13 – $3495

  • In very good condition: no cracks and no visible wear on the silver plating
  • Completely rebuild in the WindCraft workshop
  • Selmer C85 120 mouthpiece included

Buffet Crampon DG Prestige A clarinet – $3950 SOLD

  • Named after Buffet’s chief designer of the 1990’s, Daniel Gautier. It has a slightly smaller bore than the RC, the instrument responds with a dark and powerful tone
  • Has metal tenon rings, LH Eb lever and 2 DG barrels (640mm-650mm)
  • Very even sound across the registers and amazing tuning
  • Double case included



Vito Reso-Tone – $1495

  • Completely rebuild in our workshop with new leather pads
  • Instrument and case in very good condition
  • Affordable student bass clarinet to low Eb